Thursday, October 11, 2007

Urban Legend : Ghosts DO Disappear

One dark night a young guy in his early twenties was driving along the looney roads of his city's outskirts in his brand new car; he was enjoying every moment of his long private drive. All of a sudden, he spots a hiker holding a small brief case, standing in front of a grave yard asking for a lift. The hiker was a tall dark guy in a dandy black suit with a matching tie; he was lean but had a very muscular frame and appeared to be in his late forties. The young guy slows down and asks him to get in; the hiker promptly thanks him and gets into the car.
Curiosity gets the better of the young guy and a conversation between the two starts...

Young Guy : what are you doing at this part of the night dressed like this in front
of a graveyard?
Hiker : I usually spend my day time in the graveyard and return to the city
late at night.
Young guy : *laughs hard* You gotta be kidding man! Why do you do that?
Hiker : *smiles*

The young guy plays an old Elvis tune on his deck and the conversation between them continues...

Hiker : wonderful, isn't it?
Young guy: yeah
Hiker : I and my wife used to dance to this tune.
Young Guy: used to? Don't you dance any more?
Hiker : No
Young guy : why?
Hiker : death
Young guy : I'm sorry, I didn't know.
Hiker : that's alright.
Young guy : how long has it been?
Hiker : couple of weeks.
Young guy : It must've been tough
Hiker : it is
Young guy : how did she die?
Hiker : who?
Young guy : your wife
Hiker : why are you killing her? She's hale and healthy, fit and absolutely
Young guy : but, but ... you just said...
Hiker : I wasn't speaking of her death; I was speaking of mine.
Young guy : *laughs hysterically* now, you HAVE a sense of humor, don't you?
Hiker :*smiles*
Young guy : so mister ghost, what do you guys do on weekends, do you go to
movies, do drugs, girls and stuff? * pokes the hiker with his elbow*
Hiker : not exactly, we just hang around here and there.
Young guy: aww, come on! Cut the crap man, your little joke is really getting
stale. Hey btw, can you disappear?*laughs*
Hiker : people think ghosts are creepy monsters which can take any shape
and form and haunt deserted places and a whole lot of
mumbo jumbo but in reality ghosts are just like you, they
don't disappear or anything, after death, they are just transported
into another dimension; the workings of which the living don't quite
Young guy : oh yeah?
Hiker :*cough cough* excuse me *pulls out a hanky from his pocket*
Young guy : what the hell is that stain on your hanky?
Hiker : It's a blood stain.
Young Guy : WHAT?
Hiker : I was shot.
Young Guy : enough is enough! *pulls his car over and opens the door* GET OUT
OF MY CAR RIGHT NOW! *pulls the hiker forcibly out *
Hiker : okay, okay....relax! We are doing this for a prank TV show; the stain
is just ink...see...there is a camera in my briefcase, the whole thing
was staged and recorded.
Young guy : *laughs out loudly* you know, not one moment did I believe that this
thing was really true.
Hiker : Man! We tried this trick on several people, everybody was scared
sh**; I had to call it off before I could get to the hanky part but you
were the FIRST guy who wasn't scared.
Young guy : it's a good idea! It must be fun doing stuff like this.
Hiker : you bet!
Young guy : Just one thing: you were wrong!
Hiker : about what?
Young guy : ghosts
Hiker : what about them?
Young guy : ghosts DO disappear! *smiles and vanishes into thin air*

The hiker died instantaneously of a heart attack....

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