Friday, October 26, 2007

Dimension Rift - A True Story

Dimension Rift

Back in the town I lived in when dad retired in 1970, there was a huge house that was built by an oil man from the turn of the century.

The story goes that at some point in the early 1900-1920s he disappeared and no trace has ever been found of him, even to this day. The stories also circulated that the remaining family went mad and/or died under mysterious circumstances. Some believed he had hid himself in the house somewhere but no trace was ever found.

Over the years the house passed into the hands of (who else) the government, who converted it into a community playhouse and other offices. During a rehearsal for one play that I was involved in, we were told by someone who knew some of the stories to go check out the basement because of the design. Five of us did.

The basement was designed to look exactly like catacombs, four-way arches on every pillar, gargoyle heads and everything. It was huge - and pretty weird to say the least. It smelled, well, ancient. Not just old but ancient.

There was an opening in the front facing wall of the basement at floor level that we were told held a passage that went under the front steps of the house. The opening looked like it had been there for a while, the bricks were old and well worn on the edges, so the opening was made a long time ago.

Three of the people with me didn't want to go in, said the looks of it spooked them. Well, always up for a good lark, another person and I decided to have a go at it. The inner passage was narrow, only one person at a time could work their way to where the front steps were and you couldn't quite stand up all the way as the first level flooring was there.

We both got there, looked out from under the steps, said basically something like "wow, that was boring" and we crawled back. But on getting back and exiting from the opening in the wall, the other three people were not there in the basement. We stood up and said something like, "well, they must have gone back upstairs".

Not 10 seconds had gone by and the three other people followed us out of the opening in the wall. The first one out said they changed their minds and wanted to see. This other person and I just stood there with our mouths open looking at them like we just saw a ghost.

They asked, "What's wrong with you?"

So I told them.

At no point during our trip up to and back from the steps to the opening did we see them, and the passage was only wide enough for one person at a time. There was no place in there to hide and there was no way they could have gone into that passage without us either running headlong into them or hearing them.

Once it dawned on them what I had just explained, everyone's eyes lit up, we all got a bad case of the heebie-jeebies at the very same instant and literally fled out of that basement as if hell were on our heels.

We could only later surmise there must have been some sort of dimensional rift or something operating in that section of the basement. But who knows?

To this day there is no explanation for what had happened, and to be honest, this is the first time I have related this story to another soul.

(The Story was taken from another site, The Story's Writer holds the Copyrights)

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Faraz Nizamani said...

macabre factual stories have their own thrill...

A real good read man :)

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