Thursday, October 4, 2007

Supernatural Creatures : Back Footed Woman

Well my name is Zeeshan age 14 and i live in Pakistan., There are many Paranormal beings in Pakistan that have been never reported anywhere in this world. As a Proud Owner and Administrator of the First ever Paranormal Organization i-e Paranormal Society of Pakistan, I am Introducing you to One of the many Creatures that are said to Reside in Deep and Dark Places....

Picchhal-Pairie (Pron. PII-cchh-al Pa-ie-ree)

These Beings mean Back Footed Women. They are Ugly and Horrible creatures which are mostly Disguised as Lustrous Women.These Beings Possess Ability to attract Men and they are said to wear beautiful anklets. These Beings were said to Haunt Each and Every Alley at the time when people used Oil Lamps in Pakistan. But When Electricity came in Pakistan they were said to be Feared of Lights. They were Blown away by Reciting verses of Holy Quran. I am Stating Briefly a Famous incident that took place Years ago

It Was Night about 01:00 AM Every body was asleep except few boys who were Studying outside their Houses because of their Exams Approaching. after half an hour they gave some break to their Study and Started Talking with each other. after few Minutes they all Heard sound of some anklets somewhere, they focussed on the sound for a while and located the source. it was coming from a Dark Corner. after sometime they saw a Beautiful Woman who was wearing a veil and a colored Gown. One of them was Attracted towards her.When he reached there he saw her Feet, they were directed backwards..!!! He Was Shocked and ran toward his friends and shouted "Run! Boys Run, Evil!". They all Quickly ran toward their homes. while running they heard following from that Back footed Woman "Oh You Rascals You were Saved from my Jaws Maybe God was With You but Next Time your each and every bit will be in my Jaws....!!!! Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!"

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Zeeshan ahmed, Paranormal Society of Pakistan.

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