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Unbreakable : Current Reports

Unbreakable is now available in stores in the US! Go and Grab your copy now and support the boys. Lets make this album No:1.

Here is the current chart position of Unbreakable:

Germany: # 1
Japan: # 1

Helpless When She Smiles is the next single from Unbreakable. This news is officially confirmed by the boys when they were on Backstage with Barry Nolan and also sang it

Happy Halloween!

Wishing All Of The Creeps Out there, Happy Halloween!

Remember, Don't look under you beds, do not even think of peeking inside your wardrobe, don't leave the door open, Don't refuse any Trick-or-Treaters, They might be anything else! Its Halloween, Watch out for those Monsters....!

[Evil Grin] Have a Creepy Halloween!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Special : Retro Hit "Thriller" by Michael Jackson

A Very Famous Song of Early 1948.

Music Video :

Online Videos by

Lyrics :

Thriller lyrics
[1st Verse]
It's Close To Midnight And Something Evil's Lurking In The Dark
Under The Moonlight You See A Sight That Almost Stops Your Heart
You Try To Scream But Terror Takes The Sound Before You Make It
You Start To Freeze As Horror Looks You Right Between The Eyes,
You're Paralyzed

'Cause This Is Thriller, Thriller Night
And No One's Gonna Save You From The Beast About
You Know It's Thriller, Thriller Night
You're Fighting For Your Life Inside A Killer, Thriller

[2nd Verse]
You Hear The Door Slam And Realize There's Nowhere Left To Run
You Feel The Cold Hand And Wonder If You'll Ever See The Sun
You Close Your Eyes And Hope That This Is Just
But All The While You Hear The Creature Creepin' Up
You're Out Of Time

'Cause This Is Thriller, Thriller Night
There Ain't No Second Chance Against The Thing With
Forty Eyes
You Know It's Thriller, Thriller Night
You're Fighting For Your Life Inside Of Killer, Thriller Tonight

Night Creatures Call
And The Dead Start To Walk In Their Masquerade
There's No Escapin' The Jaws Of The Alien This Time
(They're Open Wide)
This Is The End Of Your Life

[3rd Verse]
They're Out To Get You, There's Demons Closing In On Every Side
They Will Possess You Unless You Change The Number On Your Dial
Now Is The Time For You And I To Cuddle Close Together
All Thru The Night I'll Save You From The Terror On The Screen,
I'll Make You See

That This Is Thriller, Thriller Night
'Cause I Can Thrill You More Than Any Ghost Would Dare To Try
Girl, This Is Thriller, Thriller Night
So Let Me Hold You Tight And Share A Killer, Diller, Chiller
Thriller Here Tonight

[Rap Performed By Vincent Price]
Darkness Falls Across The Land
The Midnite Hour Is Close At Hand
Creatures Crawl In Search Of Blood
To Terrorize Y'awl's Neighbourhood
And Whosoever Shall Be Found
Without The Soul For Getting Down
Must Stand And Face The Hounds Of Hell
And Rot Inside A Corpse's Shell
The Foulest Stench Is In The Air
The Funk Of Forty Thousand Years
And Grizzy Ghouls From Every Tomb
Are Closing In To Seal Your Doom
And Though You Fight To Stay Alive
Your Body Starts To Shiver
For No Mere Mortal Can Resist
The Evil Of The Thriller

[Into Maniacal Laugh, In Deep Echo]

Trivia :

* The original name for the "Thriller" single was "Starlight Love."

* In the South Park episode "Pinkeye", members of the town are turned into zombies. Chef (as a zombie) sings part of the song, but with different lyrics.

* In an episode of Animaniacs, the character Buttons deters a horde of zombies from his young charge by imitating the dance from the music video.

* The band Fall Out Boy gives several respects to the song. In their "Dance, Dance" video, bassist Pete Wentz starts to do the dance in the music video. Also, they have a song called "Thriller", but just the title is a nod to this song.

* The New Found Glory song "Hit Or Miss" contains the lyric, "Remember the time we realized 'Thriller' was our favorite song?"

* The song was danced by numerous Filipino prisoners at CPDRC(Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center) as a morning exercise.

* In a sketch on Chappelle's Show, Dave Chappelle is being interviewed to be a part of the jury in the Michael Jackson child molestation case. When asked if he believed Jackson was guilty, he replied, "No man. He made Thriller. (repeats with emphasis) Thriller!"

* Vincent Price's soliloquy is parodied in The Aquabats' song "Fashion Zombies!" as "Darkness falls across the land. The midnight hour is close at hand. Creatures crawl in search of blood to accessorize their black zipper hood. And monster children with monster faces are looking for love in all the wrong places."

* British singer and former Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown covered this song on the b-side of his single Golden Gaze.

* Pop girl group Girl Authority covered the song for their EP Halloween Party Songs.

Halloween Special: Lyrics : Tired of Being Sorry

Tired of Being Sorry - Enrique Iglesias
(Really Suits Halloween)

I don't know why
You want to follow me tonight
When in the rest of the world
With you whom I've crossed and I've quarreled
Let's me down so
For a thousand reasons that I know
To share forever the unrest
With all the demons I possess
Beneath the silver moon

Maybe you were right
But baby I was lonely
I don't want to fight
I'm tired of being sorry

8th and Ocean Drive
With all the vampires and their brides
We're all bloodless and blind
And longing for a life
Beyond the silver moon

Maybe you were right
But baby I was lonely
I don't want to fight
I'm tired of being sorry
I'm standing in the street

Crying out for you
No one sees me
But the silver moon

So far away – so outer space
I've trashed myself – I've lost my way
I've got to get to you got to get to you

Maybe you were right
But baby I was lonely
I don't want to fight
I'm tired of being sorry
I'm standing in the street yeah
Crying out for you
No one sees me
But the silver moon
(lalalala till end)
Maybe you were right
But baby I was lonely
I don't want to fight
I'm tired of being sorry
I'm standing in the street
Crying out for you
No one sees me
But the silver moon

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Unbreakable NO:1 in Japan

Unbreakable clinched Number 1 Spot in Japan on the second day of album release. According to Oricon the album has sold 43,727+ copies which is pretty good. Lets hope they sell at least 100,000 copies in the first week.

Unbreakable : Early Reviews

Here are some early reviews of Backstreet Boys' Unbrekable

Billboard review on unbreakable

While the turn of phrase may be cliché, the overall sound of "Unbreakable" screams it loud and clear: Backstreet's back. Unlike 2005's uneven "comeback" album "Never Gone," its follow-up finds the Boys dipping into their old bag of classic pop songs. They are a boy band with spot-on harmonies: They sing huge, hooky choruses; belt out sappy bridges ("I'm a house of cards in a hurricane," the group wails on "Helpless When She Smiles"); and bop and groove to slickly produced dance numbers. Nearly everything here is top 40 or AC radio-ready, particularly the piano-driven first single, "Inconsolable," and the Beatles-y "Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon." The boy band heyday might be long over and the group is now a man down (Kevin Richardson departed to pursue other interests), but Backstreet's ready to try and melt your heart once again. —Jill Menze


Backstreet Boys: 'Unbreakable'
Oct. 25, 2007 01:01 PM

* * * 1/2

The boy band that just keeps on going loses one member (new father Kevin Richardson), but the new quartet lineup works fine, given that the group's famed harmonies are used more sparingly on its first album in three years. The sound is more mature and rock-flavored, with plenty of solo vocal takes. The opening track, Everything But Mine (which follows a short, harmony-laden intro), borrows a page from Duran Duran, with synthesizer and piercing guitar chords. Helpless When She Smiles starts with Sting-like bass before building into a rock power ballad. You Can Let Go uses strings and acoustic guitar as the foundation for a slow rock anthem. The harmonies drift in on the choruses of these songs. The debut single, Inconsolable, has a stronger dose of old-school Backstreet vocals, as does Unmistakable, another slow rocker. Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough and AJ McLean would be wise to stay away from reggae in the future, with that sound anchoring the CD's most forgettable tracks, Any Other Way and One in a Million. The album ends with Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon, which hints at where Backstreet ultimately may be headed: a lush take on adult-contemporary music, bathed in piano, strings and harmonies.

- Larry Rodgers


It has started shattering those Critics! Go Backstreets! Go!

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Halloween Special : Poetry

It's Very Dark

Without a Spark

I am seeing that light

but with a little fright

I walk through darkness

feeling tiredness

I see a head

Colored Red

I Scream with terror

With a little shiver

I run and run

it was no longer a Fun

Road seemed infinite

My life seemed finite

It was a mistake indeed

going for a walk on Halloween

Written By Zeeshan Ahmed (Me!)

Halloween Special : Jokes

Q. When does a ghost have breakfast? A. In the moaning.

Q. What do ghosts drink at breakfast? A. Coffee with scream and sugar.

Q. Where does a ghost go on vacation? A. Mali-boo.

Q. Where does a ghost go on Saturday night? A. Anywhere where he can boo-gie.

Q. Where did the ghost get it's hair done? A: At the boo-ty shop.

Q. Riddle: the maker does not want, it the buyer does not use it, and the user does not see it, what is it? A. a coffin.

Q. What do they teach in witching school? A. Spelling.

Halloween Special : Story

The Last Ride
Paul Melniczek

She lifted up her head and peered outside through the frosted window. Wrinkled eyes gazed into the bright sky, and a smile came over the old woman’s face when she saw the full moon, shining away in all it’s harvest glory, a perfect background setting for All Hallow’s Eve.

A loud purring reached her ears as a black cat leaped up on the table next to the rocking chair she was sitting in.

"Yes, my sweets. Isn’t that a pretty night we have in store for us? Old man moon looks down on us with a wink in his eye tonight."

The cat stared at her with deep green eyes, attention fixed on every word.

"You know what this night means, don’t you, Trickster?" The cat let out a soft meow, listening to his master.

"It is the passing of an age, that is what. Many long years, happy memories, but there is an ending to every story, good and bad. Ol’ Madge here has seen it all, yes I have."

The old woman pushed herself up from the chair, one gnarled hand stroking the silken fur of Trickster. There was a creaking noise as old bones cracked within the ancient body, stiff joints groaning in protest at the effort made by her to straighten up.

"Ah, this craggy old girl ain’t what she used to be. Need a dose of the ointment before I go, that’ll fix me for a little while."

Madge walked over towards a large oaken trunk that was filled with an assortment of herbs, spices, animal parts, jarred collections of insects, packaged powders, and numerous other odds and ends. They were the tools of her trade.

Rummaging through the contents, she found a sachet containing some brown colored leaves, and when she opened it a sweet odor wafted outwards.

"Hmm, this will do fine." The crone went over to a wooden cabinet which had vials of liquid scattered about the shelves. She grabbed a tube with a bubbly fluid inside with a purple tinge to it, and then poured the leaves in.

Wispy curls of vapor rose up, and the old woman drank deeply.

A look of revulsion crossed her face at the bitter taste, but she shook it off.

"Not the fountain of youth, but it bestows on me a glimmer of strength, and that is all I need." She smacked her dry lips together, and smiled with glee.

Madge hobbled over to the great stone fireplace that warmed the cottage, and a black cauldron was resting above the burning flames. A green liquid boiled away in a frenzy, fat bubbles oozing from the surface. She stirred the mixture with a metal ladle.

"Double, bubble, toil and trouble!"

"Double, bubble, toil and trouble!’

Cackling with delight, the old woman churned the foul broth with renewed vigor. The cauldron hissed in answer, and the brew began to fizzle over.

"Ha ha, that’s it. A ghastly potion for a ghostly night!"

Madge nodded to herself, and the flames danced before her, casting lurid shadows on the walls of the cottage.

The image behind the cat grew in size, reaching the proportions of a great beast which was many times the feline’s actual body shape.

Trickster growled, his dark mane bristling. The master made a gesture in the air, and the front door burst open as the black cat sprang into the night, the transformation beginning to take place. A howl echoed from the woods outside, and Madge shouted in response, the language old and archaic.

"Rejoice in the wild, my pet. The night calls. Until the sun comes up, when you must return."

A gust of wind blasted against the cottage, slamming the door shut with a loud crash. The old woman’s wizened face had a trace of sadness on it, and she let out a deep sigh.

"It is almost time, must make haste."

Madge opened the closet and reached inside, tenderly bringing out a worn garb, black as the night. A tear trickled from the corner of an eye, moistening the callused cheek beneath.

"So many years, where have they all gone? How will I be able to face the next one, knowing that my time is done?"

She pulled the raiment tightly about herself, cherishing the feel of the familiar outfit. The cloak gave her comfort and security.

"Such little time, and too many things to fill it with, ‘tis a pity."

There was an upper shelf inside the closet, and from this she brought out a rumpled black hat, pointed at the top in the shape of a narrow cone.

"Hee hee hee," she chuckled. "A pointed cone for a crooked crone." She set the hat on her head, and brushed back the strands of silver hair that lay tangled down to her shoulders. She began to feel much younger and stronger, but it was only wishful thinking. Potions could give her a teasing of both, but that was it.

Madge crossed to the other side of the room, wooden floor boards creaking underneath her musty black boots. The heels clicked softly with her passing.

A reading desk sat in the corner, and a dusty tome sprawled along the top. Strange words and symbols were etched onto the crinkled pages, the lettering written in blood. She leafed through until she found the proper incantation, then closed the book with a snap.

"Long ago, I could recite nearly every line of verse in half that script. But now....." The old woman shook her head, again being overcome with remorse.

"More’s the pity, old hag, I’ve had my turn. The wheels of time roll on without stopping, and my moment has arrived to step aside. Only fond memories, no regrets."

The old woman’s gaze wandered the trappings of the cottage, her domain for countless years. Yes, fate had treated her well, there was no denial.

"And now, my friend, who has served me so well these many years. Will you answer the summons yet again, on this night of all nights?

Madge spread her arms wide in appeal, pale yellow eyes closed in concentration. The wind picked up outside, and tree branches scratched against the window panes, bent stick arms moving in wooden animation, responding to the surge of dark power that was building within the cottage.

There was a flash of brilliance radiating from a section of stone next to the fireplace, and a secret panel was revealed. From the compartment emerged a long broom, stark in opaque blackness, levitating towards the old woman.

"Ha ha ha, come to me! It is our time again. The sisters await!"

The broom continued floating, and it came within the crone’s eager grasp as it throbbed with power, pulsating with diabolical energy.

Madge held the broom up triumphantly, and opened the front door. A strong breeze was blowing, and fallen leaves covered the mossy earth. Sinister figures crouched within the surrounding shadows, lurking among the trees.

It was Halloween night, and spirits of the nights had awakened in unholy celebration.

Madge sat astride the enchanted broom, and up she flew to meet with her fellow sisters of the coven. This was her last time as the coven leader, and a new one would be sworn in this Hallow’s Eve.

She gazed up at the awaiting sky, spotting others of her wicked brethren. It was Halloween night, and for the last time, into that magical night, rode the form of the witch, on her last moonlight ride.

The End

Copyrights Reserved by Mr. Paul Melniczek

Original Link :

Home - Westlife

The New Music Video From Westlife

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Taking Chances - Celine Dion [Lyrics]

Don't know much about your life.
Don't know much about your world, but
Don't want to be alone tonight,
On this planet they call earth.

You don't know about my past, and
I don't have a future figured out.
And maybe this is going too fast.
And maybe it's not meant to last,

But what do you say to taking chances,
What do you say to jumping off the edge?
Never knowing if there's solid ground below
Or hand to hold, or hell to pay,
What do you say,
What do you say?

I just want to start again,
And maybe you could show me how to try,
And maybe you could take me in,
Somewhere underneath your skin?

What do you say to taking chances,
What do you say to jumping off the edge?

Never knowing if there's solid ground below
Or hand to hold, or hell to pay,
What do you say,
What do you say?

And I had my heart beaten down,
But I always come back for more, yeah.
There’s nothing like love to pull you up,
When you’re laying down on the floor there.
So talk to me, talk to me,
Like lovers do.
Yeah walk with me, walk with me,
Like lovers do,
Like lovers do.

What do you say to taking chances,
What do you say to jumping off the edge?
Never knowing if there's solid ground below
Or hand to hold, or hell to pay,
What do you say,
What do you say?

Don’t know much about your life
And I don’t know much about your world.

Taking Chances - Celine Dion

New Music Video of Celine Dion

Urban Legend - The School Teacher

This story begins at an elementary school in one of the most populated cities in Southeast Asia. The school buzzed with activity all the time and it was the usual grind for the school kids day after day, all through the week. There was one thing these kids heard over and over again from their teachers: homework, homework and more homework; it just sucked the life out of them. Most teachers were very severe on the kids, one such teacher was in-charge of 2nd grade - the one whom we shall call Evans; he was in his late thirties and was unmarried. If there was anything that ever meant anything to Evans then it HAD to be the school. Evans was one guy who always went by the rules and had a procedural approach towards life; he was also ruthless and unforgiving. A typical Monday morning scene that one would expect to witness, if one were to pass by 2nd grade was: weeping kids kneeling down on the floor, facing the classroom wall after being caned, - a punishment commonly given by Evans to kids who did not complete their homework.

Most kids did their homework but there were always going to be some who didn't; one of them was Laura. Laura never did her homework, she didn't like to, and even Evans was tired of punishing her. She silently took her punishment and was so used to it that she no longer cried. She always put on a gloomy face and hated the mere thought of going to school. Laura wasn't interested in anything else either; she never mixed much with other kids in her class nor did she like to play with anybody else. In short: Laura was a very dull and disinterested girl, not like other kids of her age. One glance at that morose look on her face would put almost anybody off for the day. But all this changed one fine day - a day when Laura DID her homework. Evans was checking the homework of all the kids and when he came up to Laura, he took the cane out expecting the usual but he was surprised to see that instead of stretching her hand forward she handed out her homework to him and even had a smile on her face. Evans took the book from her in utter disbelief; somehow he believed she could never do it; he opened the book to see if everything was in order. Suddenly a strange look transpired on his face - a look that said that something in the book had scared the living daylights out of him. He stammered and asked her: "Did...did YOU do the homework?". To which Laura didn't reply; she gust gave him a blank expression. From then on, Laura did her homework regularly. That something in Laura's notebook began to torment Evans, was obvious. He was SO scared that he didn't check her homework any more; it bothered him all the time; even other teachers started asking Evans what the matter was.

Evans could no longer bear it; whatever it was. He called for Laura's mother Dorothy. She came the very next day expecting that her kid had done some mischief or was not faring well in her tests. He asked her if she or anybody else helped Laura do her homework, to which she said no. Evans said that Laura never did her homework earlier but now she does it, to which Dorothy replied: "Is THAT the problem?". Evans told her that Laura drew a cross on every page of her homework notebook; to which Dorothy replied: "Why, what's wrong with it? most kids do such things, now what exactly IS the problem?". Evans didn't know what to say, he apologized for wasting her time. Dorthy thought Evans was a little disturbed mentally and left.

Now Evans was even more disturbed, he went to Laura's home late at night that day, jumped over the walls, went near Laura's bedroom and started peeping inside. Suddenly, Dorothy spotted him in her backyard and was startled. She asked him how he got in and what the hell he was doing at her house at that time of night, to which he replied: "I only wanted to watch Laura do her homework"; as if that justified his lunacy. Dorothy thought Evans was mad, she said she'd call the police which made Evans run. He began asking himself: am I going mad? am I going mad? Slowly...a small figure emerged from a dark corner of the street; it came under the street light to show itself; it was a school boy; still in his uniform. He sat down on a flag stone and said with a mischievous look on his face, "You are not mad, Evans, but you soon WILL be!".

Evans was later found writing all kind of illegible equations, symbols, words and other meaningless stuff with chalk on roads, walls and practically every where until he was no longer heard of.

Clark's Story:

Evans had a childhood friend, called Clark. Clark was very smart; he was better than Evans in almost everything. Everybody liked Clark better than Evans (something Evans could never stand). One day when Clark was flying a kite on his roof, Evans pushed him off; Clark fell three floors down to his death. Everybody thought Clark slipped while flying the kite.

(The Above Urban Legend was Adopted for an Indian Movie 'Darna Mana Hai' (Do Not Be Afraid)

Halloween On The Way!

'Hey Brother What's that?'

'Looks like a Jack o' Lantern!'


'It's Halloween!'

'Yeah, Let's Creep Out!'

Well You got it right from the above Chat, It's gonna be Halloween soon! All-Hallows Eve, Here is Some Information

Halloween, or Hallowe'en, is a holiday celebrated on the night of October 31. Traditional activities include trick-or-treating, Halloween festivals, bonfires, costume parties, visiting "haunted houses" and viewing horror films.Halloween is now celebrated in several parts of the western world, most commonly in Ireland, the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom.

Wishing Everybody a Creepy Halloween Week!

Dimension Rift - A True Story

Dimension Rift

Back in the town I lived in when dad retired in 1970, there was a huge house that was built by an oil man from the turn of the century.

The story goes that at some point in the early 1900-1920s he disappeared and no trace has ever been found of him, even to this day. The stories also circulated that the remaining family went mad and/or died under mysterious circumstances. Some believed he had hid himself in the house somewhere but no trace was ever found.

Over the years the house passed into the hands of (who else) the government, who converted it into a community playhouse and other offices. During a rehearsal for one play that I was involved in, we were told by someone who knew some of the stories to go check out the basement because of the design. Five of us did.

The basement was designed to look exactly like catacombs, four-way arches on every pillar, gargoyle heads and everything. It was huge - and pretty weird to say the least. It smelled, well, ancient. Not just old but ancient.

There was an opening in the front facing wall of the basement at floor level that we were told held a passage that went under the front steps of the house. The opening looked like it had been there for a while, the bricks were old and well worn on the edges, so the opening was made a long time ago.

Three of the people with me didn't want to go in, said the looks of it spooked them. Well, always up for a good lark, another person and I decided to have a go at it. The inner passage was narrow, only one person at a time could work their way to where the front steps were and you couldn't quite stand up all the way as the first level flooring was there.

We both got there, looked out from under the steps, said basically something like "wow, that was boring" and we crawled back. But on getting back and exiting from the opening in the wall, the other three people were not there in the basement. We stood up and said something like, "well, they must have gone back upstairs".

Not 10 seconds had gone by and the three other people followed us out of the opening in the wall. The first one out said they changed their minds and wanted to see. This other person and I just stood there with our mouths open looking at them like we just saw a ghost.

They asked, "What's wrong with you?"

So I told them.

At no point during our trip up to and back from the steps to the opening did we see them, and the passage was only wide enough for one person at a time. There was no place in there to hide and there was no way they could have gone into that passage without us either running headlong into them or hearing them.

Once it dawned on them what I had just explained, everyone's eyes lit up, we all got a bad case of the heebie-jeebies at the very same instant and literally fled out of that basement as if hell were on our heels.

We could only later surmise there must have been some sort of dimensional rift or something operating in that section of the basement. But who knows?

To this day there is no explanation for what had happened, and to be honest, this is the first time I have related this story to another soul.

(The Story was taken from another site, The Story's Writer holds the Copyrights)

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Inconsolable - Backstreet Boys' New Music Video

New Music Video, From The single from their New Album 'Unbreakable'.

Unbreakable releasing on 30th Oct. Do buy it...Support BSB!

Shadow Of The Day - Linkin Park's new Music Video

The Video's Cool, Check it out...

Al-Qaida links cited in Bhutto bomb

Al-Qaida links cited in Bhutto bomb

By ASHRAF KHAN, Associated Press Writer

KARACHI, Pakistan - A top provincial security official said Friday that the suicide attack on Benazir Bhutto bore the hallmarks of an al-Qaida-linked, pro-Taliban warlord based near the Afghan border.

President Gen. Pervez Musharraf labeled the attack part of a "conspiracy against democracy," reaching out to the former prime minister with whom he is trying to forge a pro-U.S., anti-militant alliance.

The "signature at the blast site and the modus operandi" suggested the involvement of militants linked to warlord Baitullah Mehsud and al-Qaida, said Ghulam Muhammad Mohtarem, the head security official in the province where Mehsud is based.

"We were already fearing a strike from Mehsud and his local affiliates and this were conveyed to the (Bhutto's Pakistan's) People's Party but they got carried away by political exigencies instead of taking our concern seriously," Mohtarem said.

There was no claim of responsibility for the bombing of Bhutto's convoy, which killed up to 136 people as she triumphantly paraded through her hometown of Karachi Thursday.

On the eve of her return from eight years in self-imposed exile, a provincial government official had cited intelligence reports that three suicide bombers linked to Mehsud were in Karachi. The local government had also warned Bhutto could be targeted by Taliban or al-Qaida.

Local media reports this month quoted Mehsud — probably the most prominent leader of Islamic militants destabilizing its northwestern border regions near Afghanistan — as vowing to meet Bhutto's return to Pakistan with suicide attacks.

It remained unclear if the attack would stiffen Bhutto and Musharraf's resolve to fight militancy together or strain the already bad relations between Bhutto and the ruling party supporting Musharraf.

Bhutto's husband said on Dawn News television that he suspected "elements sitting within the government," who would lose out if Bhutto returned to power, were involved in the bombing.

He didn't elaborate, though Bhutto has accused conservatives in the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Q party and the security services of secretly supporting religious extremists. Bhutto has made enemies of Islamic militants by taking a pro-U.S. line and negotiating a possible alliance with Musharraf, who is detested by militants for his alliance with the Bush administration.

Musharraf and Bhutto have been longtime rivals despite their shared liberal values, but his camp said he was "deeply shocked" by the midnight explosions, which went off near the armored truck carrying Bhutto, tearing victims apart and throwing a fireball into the night sky.

Officials at six hospitals in Karachi reported 136 dead and around 250 wounded, making it one of the deadliest bombings in Pakistan's history. Karachi police chief Azhar Farooqi said that 113 people died, including 20 policemen, and that 300 people were wounded. It was not immediately possible to reconcile the death tolls.

The attack shattered the windows of the truck but police said Bhutto was unhurt and was hurried to her house. An Associated Press photo showed a dazed-looking Bhutto being helped away from the scene.

The general "condemned this attack in the strongest possible words. He said this was a conspiracy against democracy," the state-run Associated Press of Pakistan said.

Musharraf appealed for calm, promised an exhaustive investigation and stiff punishment for those responsible, APP reported.

Presidential spokesman Rashid Qureshi said he doubted the attack would deflect Bhutto from her move toward an alliance with Musharraf, who seized power in a coup and has been under growing pressure to return Pakistan to a more democratic system.

"If someone thinks that by spreading this kind of terror they will stop the political process in Pakistan, I don't think that's correct, I don't think that will happen," Qureshi told The AP.

Musharraf won re-election to the presidency in a vote by lawmakers this month that is being challenged in the Supreme Court. If he is confirmed for a new five-year presidential term, Musharraf has promised to quit the military and restore civilian rule.

Musharraf believes that "all political forces need to combine to face this (militant) threat which is basically the major, major issue that faces Pakistan," Qureshi said.

Leaders of Bhutto's Pakistan People's Party were meeting at her Karachi residence Friday, and Bhutto was expected to hold a news conference afterward.

Police were collecting forensic evidence — picking up pieces of flesh and discarded shoes — from the site of the bombing. The truck was hoisted away using a crane. One side of the truck, including a big portrait of the former premier was splattered with blood and riddled with shrapnel holes.

Interior Minister Aftab Khan Sherpao said 18 police died in the attack, and two police vehicles on the left side of Bhutto's truck had borne the brunt of the blast.

He said authorities had done everything possible to protect the huge gathering, but noted that electronic jammers fitted to the police escort vehicles were ineffective against a manually detonated bomb.

In Karachi, which lies in the far south of Pakistan but has been buffeted by militant attacks in recent years, schools were closed and traffic was thin, with residents wary of venturing into the streets.

Unrest broke in two districts but did not appear serious. Hundreds of Bhutto supporters hurled stones at vehicles and shops during a funeral procession for two victims, forcing police to cordon off the area. Elsewhere, Bhutto supporters ordered shops to close and burned tires in the road.

Bhutto had paved her route back to Pakistan through negotiations with Musharraf that yielded an amnesty covering the corruption charges that made Bhutto leave Pakistan.

Authorities had warned Bhutto that extremists sympathetic to the Taliban and al-Qaida could target her in Karachi and urged her in vain to use a helicopter to reduce the risk.

"I am not scared. I am thinking of my mission," she had told reporters on the plane from Dubai.

On arrival, she told AP Television News she was fighting for democracy and to help this nuclear-armed country of 160 million people defeat the extremism that gave it the reputation as a hotbed of international terrorism.

"That's not the real image of Pakistan," she said.

Leaving the airport, Bhutto refused to use the bulletproof glass cubicle that had been built atop the truck taking her toward the tomb of Pakistan's founding father, Mohammed Ali Jinnah. An AP photographer who saw the cubicle of the wrecked truck Friday said it appeared to have shrapnel holes from the bombing.

Her procession had been creeping toward the center of Karachi for 10 hours, as supporters thronged her truck, when a small explosion erupted near the front of the vehicle.

That was quickly followed by a larger blast, destroying two escorting police vans.

The former premier had just gone to a downstairs compartment in the truck for a rest when the blast occurred, said Christina Lamb, Bhutto's biographer.

"So she wasn't on top in the open like rest of us, so that just saved her," Lamb told Sky News.

The United States, the United Nations and the European Union condemned the attack.

"Extremists will not be allowed to stop Pakistanis from selecting their representatives through an open and democratic process," said Gordon Johndroe, President Bush's foreign affairs spokesman.


Associated Press writers Matthew Pennington and Paisley Dodds in Karachi and Sadaqat Jan and Zarar Khan in Islamabad contributed to this report.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dinosaur skeleton unearthed in Argentina

By MICHAEL ASTOR, Associated Press Writer Mon Oct 15, 7:38 PM ET

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil - The skeleton of what is believed to be a new dinosaur species — a 105-foot plant-eater that is among the largest dinosaurs ever found — has been uncovered in Argentina, scientists said Monday.

Scientists from Argentina and Brazil said the Patagonian dinosaur appears to represent a previously unknown species of Titanosaur because of the unique structure of its neck. They named it Futalognkosaurus dukei after the Mapuche Indian words for "giant" and "chief," and for Duke Energy Argentina, which helped fund the skeleton's excavation.

"This is one of the biggest in the world and one of the most complete of these giants that exist," said Jorge Calvo, director of the paleontology center at the National University of Comahue, Argentina. He was lead author of a study on the dinosaur published in the peer-reviewed Annals of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences.

Scientists said the giant herbivore walked the Earth some 88 million years ago, during the late Cretaceous period.

Since the first bones were found on the banks of Lake Barreales in the Argentine province of Neuquen in 2000, paleontologists have dug up the dinosaur's neck, back region, hips and the first vertebra of its tail.

"I'm pretty certain it's a new species," agreed Peter Mackovicky, associate curator for dinosaurs at Chicago's Field Museum, who was not involved with the discovery. "I've seen some of the remains of Futalognkosaurus and it is truly gigantic."

Calvo said the neck alone must have been 56 feet long, and by studying the vertebrae, they figured the tail probably measured 49 feet. The dinosaur reached over 43 feet tall, and the excavated spinal column weighed about 9 tons when excavated. One neck vertebra alone measured more than 3 feet high.

Jeff Wilson, an assistant professor of paleontology at the University of Michigan, who was asked to review the finding, said he was impressed by the sheer amount of skeleton recovered.

"I should really try to underscore how incredible it is to have partial skeleton of something this size," Wilson said in telephone interview. "With these kind of bones you can't study them by moving them around on the table; you have to move around them yourself."

"It shows us the upper limit for dinosaur size," Wilson added. "There are some that are bigger but they all top out around this size."

Patagonia also was home to the other two largest dinosaur skeletons found to date — Argentinosaurus, at around 115 feet long, and Puertasaurus reuili, 115 feet to 131 feet long.

Comparison between the three herbivores, however, is difficult because scientists have only found few vertebrae of Puertasaurus, and while the skeleton of Futalognkosaurus (FOO-ta-long-koh-SOHR-us) is fairly complete, scientists have not uncovered any bones from its limbs.

North America's dinosaurs don't even compare in size, Mackovicky added in a phone interview. "Dinosaurs do get big here, but nothing near the proportions we see in South America."

The site where Futalognkosaurus was found has been a bonanza for paleontologists, yielding more than 1,000 specimens, including 240 fossil plants, 300 teeth and the remains of several other dinosaurs.

"As far as I know, there is no other place in the world where there is such a large and diverse quantity of fossils in such small area. That is truly unique," said Alexander Kellner, a researcher with the Brazilian National Museum and co-author of the dinosaur's scientific description.

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The Barmanou (or Barmanu) is said to be a bipedal primate living in the mountainous region of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Sightings have been reported by shepherds living in the mountains. The zoologist Dr. Jordi Magraner, a Spaniard living in France, researched the barmanu extensively. He was murdered in Pakistan in 2002.

The term Barmanu is used in several languages including Khowar, Shina, Hindko and Kashmiri and is derved from the Sanskrit term Ban-Manus, meaning Man of the Forest.

The proposed range of the Barmanu is in the Hindukush and Karakoram ranges, between the Pamirs and the Himalaya. Thus this puts its range in region between the ranges of two more famous cryptids, the Almas of Central Asia and the Yeti of the Himalayas.

The Barmanu is supposed to possess both human and apelike characteristics and is said to abduct women and attempt mating with them. It is also reported to wear animal skins upon its back and head. The Barmanu appears in the folklore of the Northern Regions of Pakistan and depending on where the stories come from it tends to be either described as an ape or a wild man. The term might be a general name for several different types of hominid as the tales referring to wild men may be those of the Almas which is always described as a wild human whereas those describing a large bipedal ape may be referring to the Yeti.

Seven Wonders...

A group of students were asked to list what
they thought were the present Seven Wonders
of the World. Though there was some
disagreement, the following got the most votes:

1. Egypt's Great Pyramids
2. Taj Mahal
3. Grand Canyon
4. Panama Canal
5. Empire State Building
6. St. Peter's Basilica
7. China's Great Wall

While gathering the votes, the teacher noted that one
quiet student hadn't turned in her paper yet.
So she asked the girl if she was having trouble
with her list. The girl replied, "Yes, a little.
I couldn't quite make up my mind because there were
so many." The teacher said, "Well, tell us what you
have, and maybe we can help."

The girl hesitated,
then read, "I think the Seven
Wonders of the World are:

1. to touch
2. to taste
3. to see
4. to hear
She hesitated a little, and then added
5. to feel
6. to laugh
7. and to love

The room was so full of silence you
could have heard a pin drop.
Those things we overlook as simple and "ordinary"
are truly wondrous. A gentle reminder that the
most precious things in life cannot be bought.

Eid Mubarak!


Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim brothers and sisters! May this Eid brings you the best of each and every Happiness.

Take Care and Never forget me in your prayers....!

Allah Hafiz (May God protect you!)

Urban Legend : Ghosts DO Disappear

One dark night a young guy in his early twenties was driving along the looney roads of his city's outskirts in his brand new car; he was enjoying every moment of his long private drive. All of a sudden, he spots a hiker holding a small brief case, standing in front of a grave yard asking for a lift. The hiker was a tall dark guy in a dandy black suit with a matching tie; he was lean but had a very muscular frame and appeared to be in his late forties. The young guy slows down and asks him to get in; the hiker promptly thanks him and gets into the car.
Curiosity gets the better of the young guy and a conversation between the two starts...

Young Guy : what are you doing at this part of the night dressed like this in front
of a graveyard?
Hiker : I usually spend my day time in the graveyard and return to the city
late at night.
Young guy : *laughs hard* You gotta be kidding man! Why do you do that?
Hiker : *smiles*

The young guy plays an old Elvis tune on his deck and the conversation between them continues...

Hiker : wonderful, isn't it?
Young guy: yeah
Hiker : I and my wife used to dance to this tune.
Young Guy: used to? Don't you dance any more?
Hiker : No
Young guy : why?
Hiker : death
Young guy : I'm sorry, I didn't know.
Hiker : that's alright.
Young guy : how long has it been?
Hiker : couple of weeks.
Young guy : It must've been tough
Hiker : it is
Young guy : how did she die?
Hiker : who?
Young guy : your wife
Hiker : why are you killing her? She's hale and healthy, fit and absolutely
Young guy : but, but ... you just said...
Hiker : I wasn't speaking of her death; I was speaking of mine.
Young guy : *laughs hysterically* now, you HAVE a sense of humor, don't you?
Hiker :*smiles*
Young guy : so mister ghost, what do you guys do on weekends, do you go to
movies, do drugs, girls and stuff? * pokes the hiker with his elbow*
Hiker : not exactly, we just hang around here and there.
Young guy: aww, come on! Cut the crap man, your little joke is really getting
stale. Hey btw, can you disappear?*laughs*
Hiker : people think ghosts are creepy monsters which can take any shape
and form and haunt deserted places and a whole lot of
mumbo jumbo but in reality ghosts are just like you, they
don't disappear or anything, after death, they are just transported
into another dimension; the workings of which the living don't quite
Young guy : oh yeah?
Hiker :*cough cough* excuse me *pulls out a hanky from his pocket*
Young guy : what the hell is that stain on your hanky?
Hiker : It's a blood stain.
Young Guy : WHAT?
Hiker : I was shot.
Young Guy : enough is enough! *pulls his car over and opens the door* GET OUT
OF MY CAR RIGHT NOW! *pulls the hiker forcibly out *
Hiker : okay, okay....relax! We are doing this for a prank TV show; the stain
is just ink...see...there is a camera in my briefcase, the whole thing
was staged and recorded.
Young guy : *laughs out loudly* you know, not one moment did I believe that this
thing was really true.
Hiker : Man! We tried this trick on several people, everybody was scared
sh**; I had to call it off before I could get to the hanky part but you
were the FIRST guy who wasn't scared.
Young guy : it's a good idea! It must be fun doing stuff like this.
Hiker : you bet!
Young guy : Just one thing: you were wrong!
Hiker : about what?
Young guy : ghosts
Hiker : what about them?
Young guy : ghosts DO disappear! *smiles and vanishes into thin air*

The hiker died instantaneously of a heart attack....

Internet Addiction...:)

You May Be an
Internet Addict if…
• A friend calls and says, "How are you? Your phones have been busy-for a year!"
• All your friends have an @ in their names.
• As your car crashes through the guardrail on a mountain road, your first instinct is to hit the "back" button.
• At work, the boss constantly reminds you that the word i should be capitalized.
• When looking at a web page full of someone else's links, you notice all of them are already highlighted in purple.
• When someone asks, "What did you say?" you reply, "Scroll up!"
• You can't call your mother because she doesn't have a modem.
• You can't remember how to work the TV remote control.

• You check your mail. It says "no new messages." So you check it again.
• You consider being called a "newbie" a major insult.
• You fall asleep, but instead of dreams, you get IMs.
• You have two telephone lines but no telephone.
• You log off and the message begins with, "You were on for 3 days, 15 hours…"
• You look at an annoying person off-line and wish that you had an "Ignore" button.
• You never have to deal with busy signals when calling your ISP because you never log off.
• You see an underlined sentence in the newspaper and have the urge to double-click it.
• You see something funny and scream, "LOL, LOL."
• You write your homework in HTML and give your instructor the URL.
• Your bookmarks list takes 15 minutes to scroll.
• Your dog has its own home page.
• Your goldfish has its own web site.
• Your heart races each time you see a new WWW site address on TV.
• "Where did the time go?"

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Earthquake Anniversary in Kashmir.

Well, Today is 8th of October. It marks the 2nd Anniversary of Terrible Earthquake that shocked both the Nations of India and Pakistan two years back in 2005. We can never forget what happened two years back. It's Still as painful as it was that day. May Allah bless souls of those who died in this catastrophe.

Some Brief Information:

The Kashmir earthquake (also known as the South Asia earthquake or the Great Pakistan earthquake) of 2005, was a major earthquake, of which the epicentre was the Pakistan-administered Kashmir. The earthquake occurred at 08:50:38 Pakistan Standard Time (03:50:38 UTC) on 8 October 2005. It registered 7.6 on the richter scale making it a major earthquake similar in intensity to the 1935 Quetta earthquake, the 2001 Gujarat earthquake, and the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. As of 8 November, the Pakistani government's official death toll was 73,276, while officials say nearly 1,400 people died in Jammu and Kashmir and fourteen people in Afghanistan.

My Upcoming Novella

Well, I'll be releasing my new novella soon, It will be my first Novella that will have a Suspense and Fantasy background. It is about to end. Wish me Luck!

Robert Johnson at the Crossroads

Robert Johnson at the Crossroads

By Trent Brandon | Original Repost Date : October 2, 2007

This is a legend about Robert Johnson, a poor blues guitar player, who went down the crossroads at midnight and made a deal with the devil to be the best blues player ever. Deep in the Mississippi delta, in the heart of voodoo and occult practices, on a lonely dirt road, as darkness fell, Mr. Johnson found Hell and changed the sound of music forever.

The term crossroads literally describes the spot where the paths of two different roads intersect. Crossroads are associated with cultural superstitions and magical influences. All sorts of supernatural forces; including fairies, witches, trolls, ghosts, and demons allegedly manifest at the less traveled crossroads to conduct private activities. Haunted crossroads have long been suspected for the strange disappearance of travelers. Ghostly riders, dark apparitions, and ominous creatures have all been seen at lonely crossroads just after sunset. Legends from the Deep South say that crossroads are places where deals with the Devil can be made, or where contests can be preformed to obtain the rights to a particular soul.

One old legend tells that the lost souls of suicide victims remain trapped at the crossroads until they are forgiven and set free. On the night of All Hallows Eve, Halloween October 31st, the souls of the dead will appear and can be conjured at the crossroads. Once the spirit of the crossroads has been called, it must answer three questions correctly.

The most famous crossroads legend comes from the Deep South delta town of Greenwood, Mississippi. By the early 1900’s slavery had been abolished for several decades, but life in the delta for the former slaves and their families was often just as oppressive as slave life. The former slaves were free men and women, but most of them who had not moved north by the turn of the century still worked on southern plantations as sharecroppers. They worked the cotton fields from sunrise to sunset, enduring backbreaking labor in the sweltering heat with almost no money to show for it. During this time these hard working people searched for ways to escape the cruel and agonizing existence of the delta. Church hymns, poetry, and work songs developed into a musical escape to pass the time. No one knew it at the time, but the Mississippi delta was about to give birth to a form of music that would revolutionize the world; rhythm and blues. Local bars began to spring up on the outskirts of communities called, “juke joints.” Juke joints were places where field workers could go on the weekends to drink whiskey, socialize, and listen to the blues. The juke joints were very popular and controversial. The local churches considered them to be houses of the devil, and believed that anyone who visited these places would eventually lose their soul to the devil.Robert Johnson (1911-1938) was born into a sharecropping family in the south. His father committed suicide when Robert was very young and his mother remarried a man who physically abused the family. Robert ran away at age sixteen, and made his first trip to a juke joint where he fell in love with the blues music. Robert got an old guitar, and became a musician. There was just one problem; Robert could not play the guitar very well. He tried learning for several years, but could not master even the most basic blues songs. He was so bad that the master blues players of the time would call Robert to come up on stage and play as a joke. He would play badly, and the audience would laugh and crack jokes. Eventually, Robert fell in love and got married. He gave up the blues, and settled down to become something he always hated, a sharecropper. Robert’s wife became pregnant. He had settled into life as a farmer. He loved his wife, and was looking forward to having a child. Robert had moved on, putting his guitar playing days behind him, but fate had other plans for Robert Johnson. Robert’s wife had trouble giving birth and both she and the baby died in labor. Robert was so destroyed by this that he left the farm with only his guitar and disappeared from the world.

Then, on one hot summers day nine months later, as suddenly as he had vanished, Robert Johnson strolled back into town and changed the history of music. The audience at the local juke joint was ready to hear Robert’s comic guitar playing performance, but instead, he walked onto the stage with his guitar and blew the audience away. No one in the crowd could believe what they were hearing. Robert’s guitar playing had not just improved; he was now the most phenomenal guitar player that anyone, including the masters like Charlie Patton and Son House, had ever heard. The musicians who had once laughed at Robert were now embarrassed to play alongside him. People began traveling from all over the Deep South to hear him play. He packed the juke joints every night. Robert’s popularity spread quickly, but there was also a strange rumor spreading that Robert had done the unspeakable by making a deal with the devil. Nobody who heard Robert play the guitar before his musical transformation could believe that he could learn how to master the guitar in only nine months without supernatural help. The rumor was that a desperate Robert Johnson, distraught over the death of his beloved wife and child, gave up all hope and turned his back on God. He left his farm and traveled to a secret crossroad with only his guitar. Exactly at midnight, a man dressed in black carrying a guitar, appeared from the shadows and made Robert a deal - Robert’s soul, to be able to play the blues. Robert agreed, and they switched guitars. Robert knew all about the rumor, but never denied it. In fact, Robert was playing songs that he had written during his absence like, “Cross Road Blues” and “Hell Hound on My Trail,” which seemed to validate the rumor. Something that made Robert’s playing even more remarkable was that he primarily used the Stella and the Kalamazoo guitars. The Kalamazoo, which Robert painted black, was defective, and the Stella sold by Sears & Roebuck was a very cheap instrument.

Over the next five years, Robert Johnson astonished the music world and rocked juke joints all over the south. In 1936, Robert cut his first record, recording 16 of his original songs. Thirteen months later, he recorded 13 more songs. Those 29 songs are considered to be some of the most important and influential blues songs ever recorded. Robert Johnson became the first African America to have his music played in the mainstream jukeboxes all across the US. Everyone was listening to the music of Robert Johnson.

In the summer of 1938, Robert returned to Greenwood, Mississippi. The times were tough. The Great Depression had destroyed the farmers and summer heat was suffocating. The town needed a boost and by this time, Robert Johnson was a walking legend. Everyone knew the rumor about him making a deal with the devil. The community churches warned families to keep their wives and daughters away from Robert, who seemed to have a way of getting any woman he wanted. Robert stood on a street corner and started to play his guitar. After only ten minutes of playing the streets were filled with people for as far as the eye could see. He was offered a job playing at a local juke joint. After playing for several weeks Robert started seeing a woman, who just happened to be his boss’s wife. This was not the best career decision. One night Robert walked into a packed juke joint, and drank a half pint of the house whiskey. He sat down and started to play the blues, but became ill suddenly and collapsed. He was carried back to his hotel room in dire need of medical attention. At this time in the south, no white doctor would see a black patient, and no black doctors would see Robert because of the crossroads rumor. Robert was left in his room alone where he suffered for three days. On August 16, 1938 Robert Johnson, the king of the Delta Blues died.

Many people believed that Robert Johnson had been poised by a jealous husband, but there where those who believed that the devil had return to collect on an old debt. Robert may have even wrote about his death in one of this songs titled, Me and the Devil Blues: “Early this mornin’, ooh when you knocked upon my door, And I said, “Hello, Satan, I believe it’s time to go.”

Even in death, Robert’s story is filled with mystery. Robert’s body was buried quickly, so quickly in fact, that no one knows exactly where he was laid to rest. No one claimed Robert’s body, so the town buried him. Even though Robert was a famous musician, he was still considered to be a poor black man to the southern community, and they were not going to spend more money burying Robert than they absolutely had too. Robert was given the same kind of burial that a homeless man would receive. A hole was dug in a field and Robert was buried. There was no headstone or burial marker. Over the years people believed that Robert was buried in a local potters field, but his death certificate says Mount Zion, which is where most people now believe he is buried.

Robert Johnson paved the way for other blues legends like Muddy Waters who had studied Robert’s guitar style when learning how to play. Eventually, the music style of rhythm and blues developed into Rock and Roll. Many of the early Rock legends studied the early work of Robert Johnson. Fifty years after Robert’s death a strange thing began to happen. Rock and Roll giants began to cover his songs. Cover songs have been done by Eric Clapton, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Allman Brothers Band, Led Zepplin, the Rolling Stones, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and countless of other Rock and Roll bands, who still continue to pay tribute to this blues legend.

In 1986, Robert Johnson was honored in the first group of five “forefathers” inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio. In 1990, a newly released box set of Robert Johnson recordings sold Platinum, and won a Grammy Award. In 1994, the United States Postal Department issued its commemorative stamp of Robert Johnson. Another strange fact involving Robert Johnson is that he died at the age twenty-seven, the same age as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and Kurt Cobain when they died. “Oh, can’t you hear the wind howl?” - Robert Johnson.

“If you want to learn how to make songs yourself, you take your guitar and your go to where the road crosses that way, where a crossroads is. Get there be sure to get there just a little ‘ fore 12 that night so you know you’ll be there. You have your guitar and be playing a piece there by yourself…A big black man will walk up there and take your guitar and he’ll tune it. And then he’ll play a piece and hand it back to you. That’s the way I learned to play anything I want.” ~Tommy Johnson

Written by: Trent Brandon

Note : The Above written article is taken from ; The Original Writer holds the copyrights for this particular material, For more Info please do visit

Crabby Old Woman

We all need to heed the message in this poem.

When an old lady died in the geriatric ward of a small hospital near Dunde Scotland, it was believed that she had nothing left of any value. Later, when the nurses were going through her meager possessions, they found this poem. It's quality and content so impressed the staff that copies were made and distributed to every nurse in the hospital.

One nurse took her copy to Ireland. The old lady's sole bequest to posterity has since appeared in the Christmas edition of the News Magazine of the North Ireland Assn. for Mental Health. A slide presentation has also been made based on her simple, but eloquent poem. And this little old Scottish lady, with nothing left to give to the world, is now the author of this "Anonymous" poem winging across the world:

Crabby Old Woman

What do you see, nurses?
What do you see?
What are you thinking,
When you're looking at me?

A crabby old woman,
Not very wise,
Uncertain of habit,
With faraway eyes.

Who dribbles her food,
And makes no reply,
When you say in a loud voice,
"I do wish you'd try !"

Who seems not to notice,
The things that you do,
And forever is losing,
A stocking or shoe.

Who, resisting or not,
Lets you do as you will,
With bathing and feeding,
The long day to fill?

Is that what you're thinking?
Is that what you see?
Then open your eyes, nurse,
You're not looking at me.

I'll tell you who I am,
As I sit here so still,
As I do at your bidding,
As I eat at your will.

I'm a small child of ten,
With a father and mother,
Brothers and sisters,
Who love one another.

A young girl of sixteen,
With wings on her feet,
Dreaming that soon now,
A lover she'll meet.

A bride soon at twenty,
My heart gives a leap,
Remembering the vows,
That I promised to keep.

At twenty-five now,
I have young of my own,
Who need me to guide,
And a secure happy home.

A woman of thirty,
My young now grown fast,
Bound to each other,
With ties that should last.

At forty, my young sons,
Have grown and are gone,
But my man's beside me,
To see I don't mourn.

At fifty once more,
Babies play round my knee,
Again we know children,
My loved one and me.

Dark days are upon me,
My husband is dead,
I look at the future,
I shudder with dread.

For my young are all rearing,
Young of their own,
And I think of the years,
And the love that I've known.

I'm now an old woman,
And nature is cruel,
'Tis jest to make old age,
Look like a fool.'

The body, it crumbles,
Grace and vigor depart,
There is now a stone,
Where I once had a heart.

But inside this old carcass,
A young girl still dwells,
And now and again,
My battered heart swells.

I remember the joys,
I remember the pain,
And I'm loving and living,
Life over again.

I think of the years,
All too few, gone too fast,
And accept the stark fact,
That nothing can last.

So open your eyes, people,
Open and see,
Not a crabby old woman;
Look closer - see ME!!!

Remember this poem when you next meet an old person, whom you might brush aside without looking at the young soul within. We will all, one day, be here, too!


"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience."

Earths Top 10 greatest Mysteries!

From animals encased in stone to unexplained hums to perplexing flying rods
The Earth is a mysterious place. There is much going on around us every day that goes unexplained. For all our advanced technology and scientific understanding, there are events that occur, more or less, on a regular basis for which (as yet) we have no answers. Here is a list, in no particular order, of 10 of the most perplexing, documented phenomena that have baffled us for years - in some cases, decades and much longer.

1. Animals Encased in Stone

In 1821, Tilloch's Philosophical Magazine carried an unusual item about a stone mason named David Virtue who made an astonishing discovery while working on a large chunk of rock that had come from about 22 feet below the surface. Upon breaking it open "he found a lizard embedded in the stone. It was coiled up in a round cavity of its own form, being an exact impression of the animal.

It was about an inch and a quarter long, of a brownish yellow color, and had a round head, with bright sparkling projecting eyes. It was apparently dead, but after being about five minutes exposed to the air it showed signs of life. It soon ran about with much celerity."

There are numerous documented accounts of such findings, mostly involving frogs, toads or lizards. Most often the animals come out alive.

And very often there is an imprint of their skin or shape on the cavity in which they are entombed. And this raises a number of interesting questions: How could the animal have gotten in there and survived? How did rock - which geology tells us takes hundreds if not thousands of years to form - take shape around the animal? How long could the animal have been in there?

2. Cattle Mutilations

"We were passing down this road, and there was a thunderstorm a coming up behind us. We smelled this animal as we come by. We came back to check on it, and found it was mutilated. We examined it and its sexual organs was taken out. Its eyes were taken out, and its eyelashes were taken out. Well, there wasn't no predators. Couldn't have been killed by a predator cause all the surgical work was done by an expert..." Such was the report of rancher C.E. Potts in 1990.

The report is typical for the phenomenon, which began to be documented in the early 1970s when reports came in from ranchers in Minnesota and Kansas. The mutilations were like nothing they had ever seen with their cattle; they seemed to have a surgical precision that ruled out predators (whose work ranchers were quite familiar with). The selectivity is also unusual: often only the eyes, tongue or sexual organs have been removed, and quite often there is an unexplained absence of blood from the scene. Theories to explain the mutilations include Satanic cults, aliens, government experiments (unmarked black helicopters are sometimes seen in the vicinity) and bizarre diseases. As yet, however, no conclusive answers have ever been found.

3. Unexplained Hums

Citizens in Britain and portions of the Southwestern U.S. have been complaining about a maddening hum that just won't go away. And researchers have been unable to pinpoint its source. Not everyone can hear the low-pitched hum, and those who do say that it seems artificial in nature - and is driving them crazy. In 1977, a British newspaper received nearly 800 letters from people complaining of loss of sleep, irritability, deteriorating health, inability to read or study because of the incessant hum.

Most famous in the U.S. is the Taos Hum. There the annoyance was so acute for the "hearers" in Taos, New Mexico that they banded together in 1993 and petitioned Congress to investigate and help them find the source of the noise. No conclusive causes were discovered.

4. Ball Lightning

In January 1984, ball lightning measuring about four inches in diameter entered a Russian passenger aircraft and, according to the Russian news release, "flew above the heads of the stunned passengers. In the tail section of the

airliner, it divided into two glowing crescents which then joined together again and left the plane almost noiselessly." The ball lightning left two holes in the plane.

Ball lightning is another natural phenomena for which science has yet to come up with a full explanation. The problem for scientists is that the manifestation of the phenomenon is so rare that it is almost impossible to study. Attempts have been made to recreate it artificially in the laboratory, but an actual specimen of naturally occurring ball lightning has yet to be captured for study. This may be impossible since the phenomenon is fleeting - floating about for awhile and then fading away or exploding with a loud pop.

What makes ball lighting so fascinating and puzzling is its strange "behavior." Witnesses have said that it moves about as if with a kind of intelligence, following patterns on walls or furniture, and seeming to avoid obstacles. More mysterious still is its ability to pass through solid objects. Sometimes it leaves holes, as with the airliner above, but it has also been seen to pass through window glass and even walls without even leaving a mark.

5. Spooklights

This might be a phenomenon related to ball lightning... then again it might not be. No one really knows what the many "spooklights" reported around the world are caused by. And there are many. Most famous, perhaps, are the Marfa Lights seen for generations near Marfa in Western Texas. The lights appear almost nightly and can be seen at a distance from Highway 90. Yet when investigators try to approach the lights, nothing can be seen.

Other spooklights include: The Tri-State Spooklight near the borders of Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri; the Brown Mountain Lights near Morganton, North Carolina; the Gurdon Light near Gurdon, Arkansas; the Cemetery Lights of Silver Cliff Colorado; the Hebron Light in Maryland; the Hornet Spook Light in Southwest Missouri; and the Peakland Spooklights in Britain.

There are many unproved theories, of course, including alien activity, mirages, ghosts (usually headless railroad workers), and ball lightning induced by tectonic stresses in rocks.

6. Weird Clouds

Clouds are fluffy, benign masses of water vapor, right? Consider this: In an otherwise clear September sky near Agen, France in 1814, a small, white, spherical cloud appeared. It floated motionless for a while before beginning to spin and head quickly southward. Witnesses reported that deafening rumbling noises thundered from the cloud, and then it suddenly exploded in a shower of rocks and stones. The cloud then slowly faded away.

This is one case of extremely rare and highly unusual behavior from clouds. Other documented reports tell of clouds that move against the wind, clouds that rain insects or carry peculiar shadows. There is even a story of a man from Oyster Bay, Long Island who was attacked by a spitting cloud. It's difficult to come up with any kind of rational explanations for these weird tales.

7. Fish Falls

One of the most recent examples of fish falling from the sky took place the summer of 2000 in Ethiopia. A local newspaper reported: "The unusual rain of fish, which dropped in millions from the air - some dead and others still struggling - created panic among the mostly religious farmers." This is just one of countless case studies of rains of fish, frogs, periwinkles - even alligators - that have been cataloged over the centuries, many by famed paranormal researcher Charles Fort. (Such rains of creatures have been, in fact, come to be known as "Fortean" activity.)

Most often these rains of animals are attributed to severe storms, tornadoes, water spouts and related phenomena. Although the theory has not yet been proved, it holds that strong winds pick up the fish or frogs from bodies of water such as ponds, streams and lakes, carry them aloft - sometimes for miles and miles - and then drop them over land.

The peculiar fact that challenges this theory is this: in most cases, the rains are of one kind of animal only. It rains one species of herring, for example, or a particular kind of frog. How can this be explained? Could a powerful gust of wind be so discriminating? If the storm scooped up water from a pond, wouldn't it rain all kinds of things one finds in a pond - frogs, toads, fish, weeds, sticks and probably beer cans?

8. Crop Circles

I hesitate to include crop circles because I'm nearly convinced that they are all probably manmade. Yet, even though many groups of people have come forward to admit that they have designed and created the sometimes elaborate - and quite often beautiful - crop formations, there remains a diehard faction of believers that insists that at least some crop circles are caused by some unexplained phenomenon.

Crop circles have been reported in nearly every country on Earth. In fact, according to Crop Circle Central, the only major countries that have never reported formations are China and South Africa. Plain round crop circles as we know them began to appear in abundance in the 1970s. But then in 1990, we began to see far more intricate and complex pictograms. Believers suggested they might be a form of communication from extraterrestrials - or from the Earth itself. Those who say they are not manmade point to several peculiarities found in the affected crops: woven stalks, cellular changes in the grain stalks, and strange phenomena experienced by researchers examining the circles, such as unexplained equipment failures, sounds and other physical effects.

9. The Tunguska Event

After 90 years, the explosive event at Tunguska, Siberia in 1908 remains one of the most puzzling natural disasters in recent history. On June 30 of that year, a blazing fireball descended from the sky and devastated an area about half the size of Rhode Island. Trees were felled for miles in a radial pattern, fires burned for weeks and the sound of its thunder could be heard at great distances. It's been estimated that its explosive force was equal to more than 2,000 Hiroshima-type atomic bombs.

What it was that fell on Tunguska that fateful day is still a mystery. Although for many years scientists thought it was probably a meteor that exploded over the Siberian wilderness, today's best guess is that it was probably a comet. The change in theory came about because no meteor fragments could be found at the scene.

In fact, there was very little evidence of any kind to explain precisely what occurred that day. This lack of hard evidence led, as if often does, to wild speculations: a UFO with a nuclear reactor had crashed; a powerful electric weapon created by Nikola Tesla was intentionally or accidentally aimed at the area from somewhere across the globe. In recent years, the Tunguska event has received renewed attention as we realize more clearly that the Earth is at risk at almost any time from a strike from outer space.

10. Rods

"Rods" are one of the most fascinating and intriguing Earth mysteries of recent times. Discovered accidentally by filmmaker Jose Escamilla in March of 1994, what he calls "rods" are strange flying things that can only be seen on slowed-down film and videotape, and sometimes captured in still photographs. Apparently, these things - whatever they are - move too quickly to be seen with the naked eye. Escamilla first noticed them in film footage he had taken in Midway, New Mexico, and he (along with others) have since filmed and taped them in several other locations.

According to Escamilla's own definition, rods are "cigar or cylindrical shaped objects that travel at high velocities barely visible with the naked eye. They appear to be alive as they move through the air like fish swim in the sea. They appear to have fins or appendages along the torso and the torsos bend as they travel." Escamilla has several film clips and stills of the creatures on his website.

The rods measure from just a few inches to several feet in length and there seem to be a few varieties with different kinds of appendages. They have been spotted and recorded in Mexico, Arizona, Indiana, California, South Dakota, Connecticut and even Sweden. Some have even been seen underwater. Are they some unknown species of animal? If so, why has no one ever seen these creatures at rest?

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Supernatural Creatures : Back Footed Woman

Well my name is Zeeshan age 14 and i live in Pakistan., There are many Paranormal beings in Pakistan that have been never reported anywhere in this world. As a Proud Owner and Administrator of the First ever Paranormal Organization i-e Paranormal Society of Pakistan, I am Introducing you to One of the many Creatures that are said to Reside in Deep and Dark Places....

Picchhal-Pairie (Pron. PII-cchh-al Pa-ie-ree)

These Beings mean Back Footed Women. They are Ugly and Horrible creatures which are mostly Disguised as Lustrous Women.These Beings Possess Ability to attract Men and they are said to wear beautiful anklets. These Beings were said to Haunt Each and Every Alley at the time when people used Oil Lamps in Pakistan. But When Electricity came in Pakistan they were said to be Feared of Lights. They were Blown away by Reciting verses of Holy Quran. I am Stating Briefly a Famous incident that took place Years ago

It Was Night about 01:00 AM Every body was asleep except few boys who were Studying outside their Houses because of their Exams Approaching. after half an hour they gave some break to their Study and Started Talking with each other. after few Minutes they all Heard sound of some anklets somewhere, they focussed on the sound for a while and located the source. it was coming from a Dark Corner. after sometime they saw a Beautiful Woman who was wearing a veil and a colored Gown. One of them was Attracted towards her.When he reached there he saw her Feet, they were directed backwards..!!! He Was Shocked and ran toward his friends and shouted "Run! Boys Run, Evil!". They all Quickly ran toward their homes. while running they heard following from that Back footed Woman "Oh You Rascals You were Saved from my Jaws Maybe God was With You but Next Time your each and every bit will be in my Jaws....!!!! Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!"

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U.F.O Sighting

This Incident happened about 4 years ago.

One of my Friends Accidentally saw a U.F.O. It was a Lonely Night of Autumn.My Friend and his Cousins were Going by the road through a place called "Gurunagar" (Hyderabad). He was talking to his friends. Suddenly he looked up at the sky and to his amazement he saw a Yellow Glowing Object speeding across the sky with an Extreme Speed. He saw that thing for about 5-10 Seconds. After that it disappeared into thin Sky.

Shape of UFO as told by my Friend.

About Me

Well, My name is Zeeshan ahmed. I reside in Hyderabad, Pakistan. My Interests are;











Backstreet Boys : Inconsolable Lyrics

I close the door
Like so many times, so many times before
Felt like a scene on the cutting room floor
When I let you walk away tonight
Without a word

I try to sleep, yeah
But the clock is stuck on thoughts of you and me
A thousand more regrets unraveling, ohh
If you were here right now, I swear,
I'd tell you this

Baby I don't want to waste another day
Keeping it inside it's killing me
Cause all i ever want, it comes right down to you (to you)
I wish that I could find the words to say
Baby I would tell you every time you leave
I'm inconsolable

I climb the walls
I can see the edge but I can't take the fall, no.
I've memorized the number
So why can't I make the call?
Maybe 'cause I know you'll always be with me
In the possibility

Baby I don't want to waste another day
Keeping it inside it's killing me
Cause all I ever want, it comes right down to you
I wish that I could find the words to say
Baby I would tell you every time you leave
I'm inconsolable

I don't want to be like this,
I just want to let you know,
Everything that I'm holding,
Is everything I can't let go, can't let go.

Baby I don't want to waste another day
Keeping it inside it's killing me
Cause all I ever want, it comes right down to you
I wish that I could find the words to say
Baby I would tell you every time you leave
I'm inconsolable

Don't you know it baby
I don't want to waste another day

I wish that I could find the words to say
Baby I would tell you every time you leave
I'm inconsolable

Backstreet Boys Helpless When She Smiles Lyrics

She keeps the secrets in her eyes
She wraps the truth inside her lies
And just when I can't take what she's done to me
She comes to me
And leads me back to paradise

She's so hard to hold
But I can't let go

I'm a house of cards in a hurricane
A reckless ride in the pouring rain
She cuts me and the pain is all I wanna feel
She danced away just like a child
She drives me crazy, drives me wild
But I'm helpless when she smiles

Maybe I'd fight it if I could
It hurts so bad, but feels so good
She opens up just like a rose to me
When she's close to me
Anything she asked me to, I would

Out of control
But I can't let go

I'm a house of cards in a hurricane
A reckless ride in the pouring rain
She cuts me and the pain is all I wanna feel
She danced away just like a child
She drives me crazy, drives me wild
But I'm helpless when she smiles

When she looks at me
I get so weak

I'm a house of cards in a hurricane
A reckless ride in the pouring rain
She cuts me and the pain is all I wanna feel
She danced away just like a child
She drives me crazy, drives me wild
But I'm helpless when she smiles