Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This Is Us - Backstreet Boys [Review]

Love This Album! What an album This Is! Or should i say, THIS IS US!

1. "Straight Through My Heart" 5/5 (Peppy, Catchy, Superb!)

2. "Bigger" 5/5 (Smooth and slow, great tune)

3. "Bye Bye Love" 5/5 (Another Hottie, upbeat tune)

4. "All of Your Life (You Need Love)" (4/5 Really Nice one as well)

5. "If I Knew Then" (4/5 R&B Tune, lush music, A.J's voice so great in this one....!)

6. "This Is Us" (5/5 The perfect song in terms of defining the album, great harmony of voices, as always!)

7. "PDA" (4/5 The funky-tuned song , typical disco beats and catchy rhymes)

8. "Masquerade" (5/5 Another great song....disco tune, along with typical BSB rockin'!)

9. "She's a Dream" (5/5 Another one of those BSB beauties, that sound different and are still are lyrically and musically peppy!)

10. "Shattered" (5/5 My most favorite song from the album, remind you of old BSB along with the tunes of this modern era, The modern derivation of Show Me The Meaning....

11. "Undone" (5/5 You get typical 'George Michael' feel when you listen to this and the music is so good that it crawls and grows on you, you can feel the song on yourself when you listen to it. Nick sounds so matured in this one and you can feel it. Not just he, A.J, Brian and Howie all sound great as always.....)

12. “International Luv” (4/5 A very up-to-the-beat song, with some seriously cool music!)

Hope you like it...


© Zeeshan Ahmed

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Sana said...

That's awesome!
My favourite's are probably "If I knew then", "This Is Us" and "She's a Dream"