Sunday, March 15, 2009

Is It The Matter of Uttering Thoughts?

Ever wondered?
When you see pain in front of your eyes, when you look at people dying, when you see children crying, when you look into the mirror and ask, "Who Am I to think about that?"
The world is nothing but a web of webs of thoughts. We all are linked together, all of us.
Is that weeping child your relative? Then why are you feeling his sorrow deep inside yourself? Is that old lady, who just tipped over, urged you to help her, make her stand again, ask if she's alright.
My dear friends, that's nothing but your connection to these souls.
Without even knowing the person, why are you urged to help them, this explains the most amazing phenomenon, a beautiful phenomenon that is overlooked by us.
This connection breaks when we overlook those souls, when we just ignore a dying person by saying "Who is that? I don't know him…"
You can always break a physical connection, but can you break a connection that is spiritual, the existence of which is not in a form that we can touch, but only feel...?
It does not matter if you recognize and feel the link, but it does matter when you ignore it...
Think about it...!

Syed Zeeshan Ahmed
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xerox said...

finish the story
with saying only one word by ordinary man having ordinary brain whose qualities are not generated
duniya dari
and for philosopher like person

Shruti Mukundan said...

truely thought proving.. will giv it a thought!! good one.

raj87 said...

great...rekindled the thoughts in my mind...


cutestangel said...

I guess thats what we call humanity!!
Nice provoking thoughts.

Ammara Khan said...

Glad to find a voice of humanism amid all this chaos..
Keep it up Zeeshan :-)

Enk. said...

Nice Article, very true.
I like your writings Zeesh !