Friday, November 23, 2007

Supernatural Beings : Dark Women

Churrailien (Dark Women):

These Beings can be Described as Evil Ladies. These Ladies are Purely Evil and often disguised as Extremely Beautiful Ladies. They are Often Veiled. The Witnesses Describe her as Women with Extreme Height Nudity Which is Covered by their Long Hairs. Following is an Incident that took place in the City of Karachi.

Two Friends Ali and Ahmed were Nowadays Busy for their Exams. They came to Each others House to Study together. One Night Ali Came to Ahmed's Place and was Studying. During their Studies they Forgot to Keep track of time and after that when they had a Glance on Wall Clock and were Surprised to see that it was 02:00 AM.Ali Said to Ahmed that he has to go to his home as soon as Possible it is too much late. Ahmed Insisted that Stay here till morning but Ali Denied this and Decided to go. On his Way to Home he Saw a Veiled Woman sitting on a Footpath and Crying. Ali Went to her and Asked what's the Problem She Said that She Came to this City from Village and Lost her Way and asked Ali If he can help her find the Right Bus to her Village?. Ali Agreed and said Follow me. After Ali Walked a Few Yards He Feeled the Woman's hand on her Shoulder and Turned back and Saw what he never thought of seeing. The Veiled Woman was no more a Veiled Woman. She was Now an Uglt Woman Bearing Extremely Long Hairs and Long Fangs. He was Scared to Death He tried to Run but the Women Held Ali's Arm so Tightly he cannot even move a Metre. Ali Started Reciting Holy Quran Verses and Found that the Grip was slowly Loosening. As the Hand Moved away Ali ran as a Bullet and didn't looked back.


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Zeeshan Ahmed said...

Well, Well Well!
I see a Critic there, Well, I'm an Honest man, and your belief is not gonna change the Reality...!